Optimizing your backup speed

Using the Default Settings: The pre-configured settings in DataAlign will guarantee the minimum resource usage while keeping your data backed up frequently to your DataAlign account. While we recommend keeping these settings as they are, in some cases you might prefer speed over resource usage, such as in your initial […]

Why DataAlign backup markers don’t appear correctly?

First of all, check if this option is enabled:From DataAlign website:1. Go to the Polices tab. 2. Select the policy that is assigned to you. 3. Click on Edit. 4. Refer to the Settings tab. 5. Enable DataAlign Markers.From your computer: 1. Right click DataAlign agent in the system tray and select Open dashboard. 2. Refer to Settings and […]

After the Windows 8.1 upgrade, DataAlign stopped working. Why?

Some files might got corrupted during the update, so to solve the problem, reinstall DataAlign . To do that:  Sign in to your DataAlign online account. From the dashboard click on Download DataAlign  button in the upper right corner. Once the download completes, run the installation wizard and select Update\Repair. If you […]

I purchased an upgrade but my account information didn’t change

To solve this issue please follow the below steps:  Go to www.DataAlign .com/dashboard and login to your account (Sign out and then login again if you are already logged in).  On the client side, right-click the DataAlign tray icon → Go to Tools → Synchronize account. If you purchased an upgrade using another email […]

How to generate logs for users who have policies assigned

If you have a policy assigned to you, and need to generate the logs for troubleshooting, then please: DataAlign DataAlign Cloud Backup DataAlign Create a text file at the root of drive (C:\). If you cannot create it due to security reasons, then create it in another location (Desktop for […]